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How To Turn Off Water To House

Damage from frozen pipes, burst washing machine hoses, leaking water pipes, and dripping water heaters costs billions. This checklist will help you avoid problems with …

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How to Estimate Plumbing Cost for New Construction

Have you ever wondered how professionals estimate the cost of plumbing work in a new home? It’s a complicated set of calculations. It can vary …

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How Much Does It Cost To Move Plumbing

During your next home renovation, there may come a time when you need to move your plumbing to make the most of the space to …

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What Are Plumbing Fixtures

What Are Plumbing Fixtures? Plumbing fixtures: What are they? If you ask anyone what a plumbing fixture is, they will most likely answer a faucet. …

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When to Replace Plumbing

If you’ve just built your home or it’s only a few years old, chances are your plumbing is outdated. Over time, pipes suffer from the …

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How To Adjust The Temperature On A Hot Water Tank

Nobody likes a cold shower. It’s even worse to get burned when you run hot water heater. Getting the right temperature setting on your water …

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